Excuses, Excuses



So…if I disappear from my blog for a significant period of time, there is usually a consistent set of answers for why I have been inadvertently absent.  One available option is that I have been sick.  And yes, yet again, what ever attacked me the last time I disappeared for weeks at a time has made its evil appearance again.  Painful joints, overwhelming fatigue, restless insomnia, stomach pain and headaches have made it near impossible to function as my normal self. And because of this, I have gotten to take another tour of all the medical buildings in our area :)…back to the gastroenterologist, to the ER for a CT scan, a trip to the urologist, an ultrasound of my liver.   As well, I was able to chalk another mark on the tally sheet…3 throat/sinus infections for the year before it was even March.  But God has been good to allow me the energy to still go to church and spend time with my family.  I am tired of being sick but I also understand the blessing of the health that I do actually have.  My symptoms are not life-threatening and I praise God for that.

And rarely I can give the excuse that I have been missing in action due to traveling…and it just so happened that this absence could be attributed to this cause as well.  My husband has been interviewing for a job at a church near Detroit.  We traveled there a week and half ago to get a feel for the church and the area and for the people to get to meet David in person.  The trip was refreshing in a spiritual sense….it is always great to meet with a body of believers in other parts of the country who are working toward the same goal as the church you have been attending.  It feels so unifying and uplifting to get a bigger picture of the body of Christ.  But it was exhausting physically…there was so  much to do in such a short amount of time and my body was already crying out for relief before we even started the trip. We will be traveling again next weekend and taking the kids with us so that David can preach in the Sunday morning service. Prayers are appreciated as we make decisions and our life takes a new course.

And though I love my kids dearly, they are my biggest consumers of time right now and they have seemed to be particularly needy.  My princess has an aversion to change and a complex with new situations that sends her into complete anxiety ridden fits of moodiness.  She requires a lot of attention on a regular basis but especially when things get crazy.  And my little dude went through a bought of sickness that seemed to strip away his cheerful, friendly disposition leaving him grumpy and irritated every day.  In the meantime, he turned three and developed a feisty temper to go along with his new age.  Through it all, he did not forget how to dance….which is always important.   I cannot get enough of his dance moves right now.

So…enough with the excuses.  I’m back and look forward to writing more in the weeks to come. I hope my readers will stick with me, even in my inconsistent fluctuations.