It’s the little things…



We have officially lived in Michigan for over a week now and it is amazing how much we have accomplished….here is a list:

1. I have everyone’s clothes in closets and drawers (and some in plastic storage containers since we brought more clothes than we actually have closet space for in our temporary location).  We are as settled in as we are going to be for now.

2. Zane found a “pooping place”…which was his first order of “business” (haha) when we entered our new abode.  You might think it would be more importatnt to find the place where you are going to sleep….but not for Zane.  A pooping place is crucial.

3. Everyone is free of stomach viruses.  After stopping 4 times in a span of 5 hours and going through three outfits with the final ensemble consisting of bare feet and an adult size medium t-shirt….we were more than relieved to finally pull in the driveway at our new house.  But when David actually contracted the horrific disease as well, my first few days were spent parenting alone.

4. We are officially online!  I was actually disappointed with myself that I could not go more than 3 days without internet or TV.  My husband however found no shame in waving the white flag in surrender to the World Wide Web….he is an unabashed internet junky.  But, seriously, what happened to me?  I have always boasted that I could live for years in the secluded peacefulness of the absense of technology….yet when put under pressure, I failed even in the most basic loss of modern amenities. I’m pathetic 🙂

5. We are pre-approved and ready to move!  We officially got word today that we are pre-approved for a loan and can move forward in the house hunting process.  Now if we could only sell our house in Portsmouth…any one looking for a 4 bedroom house in a fabulous neighborhood?