A Messy House



This is what our living room looks like 99% of the time…toys thrown everywhere, bits of paper strewn recklessly, one shoe here and one shoe there, laundry only half done.  In the midst of it, it drives me crazy.  I long for order.  I need some time in between events to pack up and organize.  But life happens…and kids don’t offer much time for any such luxuries as a clean house.

But if I let myself, I can look at this catastrophe and be reminded of a few things:

1. We have a house.  We were so graciously given a chance to live in this house on the corner of the church’s lot so that we didn’t have to travel back and forth between two states to search for a house and so that we didn’t have to make a rash decision about such a life altering event.  This house is not just a gift of space, but a gift of time as well.

2. This mess can remind me of the eventful, exciting, exhausting day we have had.  Legos were constructed and torn down, cookies were baked and eaten with crumbs left behind, shoes were slipped on to go outside and spray each other with water…and then slipped back off to come inside for lunch when Daddy came home from work. And when the soft patter of rain began on the roof, we pulled out the movies we borrowed from the library down the street for a quiet relaxing preparation for an evening playing with friends.

3. The pile of laundry…though a reminder of how much I have not gotten done today…is also a reminder of how many memories I have made because I did leave it sitting there for another few hours.  I can throw a load in when the kids are asleep, dry them before I head to bed…and fold them tomorrow with my little helpers.

I am not nearly thankful enough for messes…they may be one of the happiest, most precious gifts we are given here on earth.


Health Update


I have had a lot of catching up to do on my blog since I took a short vacation from posting. Between moving and a trip to Disneyworld, my blog was the last thing on my mind.  Recently a lot of people have been asking about my health and I realized I had left somewhat of a question mark in the minds of my blog readers as I transitioned to my new location.  As many of you know, after the birth of my son in 2010 my health gradually began to decline…nothing really serious, mostly just in annoying and frustrating ways that were starting to interfere with my everyday life. Then in April of last year I was knocked completely off my feet by a weird combination of fatigue, infections, weakness, joint pain and digestive problems.  Over the course of the last year, I saw 10 different doctors trying to pinpoint the cause of my issues…each one seeming to come up with a unique diagnosis.  I would start feeling a little better and then the cycle would begin again. My goal was to wrap all of my ailments into a neat little box which left me frustrated every time I received new information.

As things are now, each symptom is being treated individually and I am feeling much better.  The week before we moved I was able to get in with one last doctor that helped tremendously and I was able to check the very last annoying symptom off my list by adding two more bottles of pills to my medicine cabinet.  I am currently hoping to find a doctor that will help me downsize the amount of medication that I am taking. I have not given up hope that someone will be able to find a common denominator. And my personal goal is to start eating better and exercising to diminish the amount of inflammation in my joints…the move has really messed with my routine.

So, thanks to all who have prayed for me in the last year.  I am thankful that I now have a sense of closure about all that has happened with my health.  Please continue to pray that I will be able to find a doctor here in Michigan that will be as helpful and understanding as my doctors were back in Ohio.