What Does the Fox Say?…a no-sew craft for when you are bored


 I’ve never been one for boredom. If I need something to do, I go somewhere or do something. There is always something that needs organized or decorated or baked or written or read. And with two young children and a husband in ministry…there usually isn’t a chance to get bored.  But this winter weather has gotten to me. Too much indoor time has made me a little restless.  The weather has made it so that I don’t even want to leave the house if I don’t have to.  And so, out of boredom came this creation…


Piles of leftover felt+winter boredom+the fox song on repeat in my head=an electronics case that is adorable and functional. Here’s how I made it. First I cut all of these little shapes out in differing shades of the same color…I used gray for the original and brown for the sample, but feel free to make your fox bright turquoise and neon green or camo or zebra print or whatever mix of colors you have lying around.


For the main body of the case, cut a rectangle that is larger than double the size of whatever you are making the case for…does that make sense??…so that when you fold it over it fits around and there is still some edge to fold over when you glue down the trim.


Then cut out a rectangle that is slightly bigger than the item for which you are making the case, but also a little smaller than half of the larger rectangle (as shown below). If you would like this to be a book cover, cut out another pocket and adjust the measurements in accordance to the book’s size.


Begin folding the edges around the large rectangle and glueing them down a little at a time with a hot glue gun.  Make sure to wrap the edges around the pocket to seal the bottom and sides in place.


Glue the ears together so that the inner ear piece hangs slightly below the outer ear piece. Then glue the part that hangs down to the inside of one side of the case like this….


Glue all the pieces onto the front of the case like so..(tail tip on the end of the tail, belly, eyebrows, eyes, nose, and tail)


For now I am just using mine to keep my phone safe in my purse but I’m thinking of getting better quality felt and making a purse or Kindle case out of it…maybe next time I get bored.


Look What I Made: Bejeweled Sweater



I’ve been wanting a shirt like this for awhile but in my recent vow to forgo purchasing for awhile I decided to dig out a sweater I hardly wear and turn it into a new masterpiece that I will happily wear everyday.  It took some effort to actually not spend as much money as I would have spent on a new sweater…rhinestones and beads can get expensive!  My first attempt would have left me spending almost $20…which made me almost want to break down and buy the actual shirt from Anthropologie, justifying this behavior with the fact that it is on sale for $40! But digging around in my craft room for awhile produced quite a few usuable resources…so here’s the finished product. I already had all the supplies, so no additional money was spent. What do you think?


And in the process I came up with another DIY look. Old sweater + broken necklace= new sweater.