I love Halloween…just another excuse for me to dress up!! Last year I was really in the spirit…going all out from head to toe. I even talked my husband into dressing up…sort of. He just so happened to be wearing flannel and already had a giant beard…so he was the woodsmen to join our Little Red Riding Hood theme.


This year my little Periwinkle the Winter Fairy wanted me to put on my wings and join her…I’m usually not one to argue with anyone who gives me a reason to get sparkly, but I left work a little too late to do her makeup and still get my outfit together so I had to go trick or treating as my lovely self.  But don’t worry…stay tuned for more pics. We have a costume party tomorrow evening and I will be going all out! In the meantime, here are some pics from this year…




My Closet Makeover: A Work in Progress


My husband finally had enough of all my clothes so he kicked me out…of our closet.  Since we moved into our house almost four years ago he and I have shared a closet in our bedroom. Our 1950s home did not accommodate for this 2010s couple who both love dressing up. When we first bought the house I thought the closet looked huge…it was twice the size of the last closet we had tried to stuff our clothes into. But after cramming sweaters into an already maximized closet space for three years in a row, he and I both decided that we needed to find a new solution to our closet problem.  Thankfully he did not decide to throw my clothes on the lawn or anything dramatic like that…at least not before I found this picture.

My husband had already moved his office around quite a few times in order for me to have my own craft room so I was not about to ask him or any other member of my family to give up a room for me just for a glorified closet. So, after a little ingenuity, a lot of hard work and a little online shopping, I gave my craft room a little more functionality.  It now operates as a closet as well….and a changing room (after I put up a curtain).  Here is a slightly messy picture of the final product.  I still have a little clutter to clean-up but I am so happy with the final outcome.